Bring your own book: oaths and affirmations during the pandemic

People wishing to take oaths remotely have been asked to provide their own holy book or scripture.

Oaths, for the religious, and affirmations, for the irreligious, must now, of course, be made over SkypeZoom or another VoIP service.

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service said in a statement: “If you are required to take an oath or to make an affirmation as part of a hearing that you are joining remotely, and would like to take an oath using a sacred object, we rely on you providing your own holy book or scripture.”

Those who wish to take an oath without a sacred object may do so “if you consider it will still be binding on you”.

Finally, oath takers and affirmers are reminded that, however, you make your verbal statement of fact “you will be bound legally to tell the truth”.

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