Calling all construction lawyers

Kieran Findlay

Our sister publication Scottish Construction Now has just celebrated its 15th anniversary by upgrading its website and confirming its status as an essential read for construction lawyers seeking to keep up to date with Scotland’s dynamic construction sector.

SCN editor Kieran Findlay explained: “We have introduced a Developments section on the website and we will also be introducing a spotlight feature for architects to showcase their new projects.

“As Scotland’s premier construction media, we now have a community of 55,000 readers and over 8,500 subscribers to our free daily Scottish Construction Now newsletter with a fast-growing Twitter following of 4,670.”

Another of our sister publications, Scottish Housing News, which serves the social housing sector, is also revamping its website.

And, even after 18 years of steady growth, it is continuing to attract new readers daily with 34,000 regular users of the website and a circulation of just over 6,500 subscribers along with 12,400 Twitter followers.

At a time of crisis for the printed media, our other publications – Scottish Legal News and Scottish Financial News – are also enjoying continuing growth and success.

Press releases for all publications can be sent to: and advertising enquiries should go to Jeff Anderson: or call him at 01292 479443.