David Cairns Fulton MC WS – war hero and lawyer

The Scotsman has published a full obituary of David Cairns Fulton MC WS, soldier and lawyer, who passed away on 18 July 2019, at the age of 96.

Mr Cairns was educated at George Watson’s College and Strathallan School and read law at Edinburgh University.

He and his twin brother volunteered for the ­Royal Armoured Corps in September 1941.

“During ­holidays in Elie, Fife, David had met Kirsty Orchard. They fell in love. Recognising war’s uncertainties he asked Kirsty to wait for him to which she readily agreed.”

At the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944 he demonstrated “considerable bravery” the citation for his Military Cross states.

“On 29 May he was leading the advance in his ­Stuart Light Tank and clearing a minefield. Another Stuart tank was destroyed by a mine. David was within two yards of this blazing tank and, knowing that the advance must continue at all costs, carried on although the burning tank might have exploded at any minute. No delay was caused and the advance was quickly resumed.”

On 20 June 1944 his brother John was mortally wounded when his tank was hit.

After the war, he married Kirsty and completed his degree and apprenticeship before working for Shepherd & Wedderburn WS and thereafter becoming a partner at Tods Murray & Jamieson WS.

“Finally, while David ­never spoke of his war to his ­colleagues, he did tell his son that not a day went by ­without him thinking of his brother John.”

Read the full obituary here

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