Feminist judgments projects hosts exhibition in Glasgow

An exhibition in Glasgow is exploring through artwork whether important Scottish legal cases could have had different outcomes if the judge adopted a feminist perspective.

The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project (SFJP) commissioned eight artists to produce work in response to a specific case or piece of legislation.

The work spans photography, illustration, poetry, prose, textiles, film and music, and is on display at Mount Florida Studios until Sunday 28 April.

The exhibition opened on Wednesday after completing a cross-country touring exhibition which started at the Scottish Parliament.

Professor Sharon Cowan of Edinburgh Law School, one of the three academic leads on the project, told Scottish Legal News: “Feminist judgments projects imagine how important legal cases might have been decided differently if the judge had adopted a feminist perspective.

“We have rewritten 16 different cases, and we’ve just sent our book to the publisher last month - it will be coming out in September.”

However, she added, the Scottish project, which was set up two years ago, is distinguished from other feminist judgments projects by its “artistic strand”.

“Eight artists, led by Jill Kennedy-McNeill, have responded either to the individual cases, or to the project as a whole, in their own medium.

“We have photography, song, theatre piece, poems by the woman who just won the Saltire award for poetry, a short story, textile sculptures and an illustrator who designed our book cover.”

The exhibition will also come to Edinburgh Law School during the Fringe.

More information is available from the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project website.