Five-track EP explores experiences of Scottish criminal justice system

A new five-track EP has brought together celebrated Scottish songwriters and people with experience of the criminal justice system.

Oblivion and Beyond has been released as part of the Distant Voices project, a collaboration between Vox Liminis, the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the West of Scotland.

The music intends to explore the themes of crime, punishment and reintegration through creative expression, partly in response to the rise in drug-related deaths, The Sunday Post reports.

The tracks were co-written by musicians Donna Maciocia, Fiskur, Martha Ffion, Raukarna and Jill Lorean, involving people with experience of the criminal justice system through workshops in communities and in prisons.

Alison Urie, director of Vox Liminis and co-founder of the Distant Voices project, said: “We team up some of Scotland’s best songwriters with people who’ve experienced the criminal justice system from lots of different angles.

“Together we write and record songs that express and challenge the ways we think and feel about crime, punishment and reintegration.

“From academic conferences around the world, to radio play and music festivals, these songs have become a means to support change, and open up dialogue.”