Have we silenced the medics?

The freedom of health professionals to speak during the Covid-19 pandemic is the subject of a free webinar to be broadcast from the Signet Library in Edinburgh featuring a roster of top speakers.

The health crisis of 2020 has dominated the news agenda across the world. This event explores the quality of news reporting, and publicly available information, as the Covid-19 crisis unfolded. Have health professionals been able to speak out and speak freely? Was there evidence of mediation of scientific and medical opinion in relation to the reality faced by frontline health professionals?

We will hear the experiences and opinions from senior clinical staff, broadcasters and journalists in the public eye on their ability to be heard and speak freely as the extent of the pandemic and collateral issues emerged. This event will cover principles of human rights, freedom of information and media law, as well as the direct experiences of healthcare professionals across the country.

The speakers are Roddy Dunlop QC, Dean of Faculty; Dr Saleyah Ashan, A&E doctor, broadcaster with BBC One and Channel 4; Professor David Oliver, consultant in geriatrics and acute general medicine, commentator in broadcast and print media; Helen Puttick, Scottish health correspondent, The Times Scotland; and Dr Fiona Godlee FRCP (facilitator), Editor in Chief, The BMJ.

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