Advertorial: John Fotheringham joins Flexlaw Solicitors

John Fotheringham

Flexlaw Solicitors has welcomed John Fotheringham as a consultant solicitor to the firm.

Mr Fotheringham is recognised as an expert in the sphere of child and family law, particularly in respect of child support and aliment. He has published and lectured widely on these topics and is general editor of the Butterworth Scottish Family Law Service and writes their regularly updated material on child support and aliment.

Mr Fotheringham said: “Child Support and the related area of aliment are peppered with traps for the unwary. How much should a particular individual pay in child support? What other payments is he making and which, if any of them, are relevant to the calculation?

“How can you challenge a calculation which seems to be too high or too low? How can you be sure that a calculation which seems more or less ok is correct? What Variations can be brought into play on your client’s behalf? No calculator can give you all the right answers.

“The government’s own Child Maintenance Options service is notoriously unreliable. Having been involved with every aspect of Child Support since the inception of the CSA in 1993, as Tribunal Chairman and as representative on behalf of many mothers and as many fathers, I welcome instruction from members of the profession for opinions and to provide representation at tribunals when required.”

Flexlaw managing partner Mark Harrison added: “I am delighted to welcome a solicitor of such standing in the profession as John Fotheringham to the firm.

“His expert status in the areas of Child Support and aliment mean that he is the first port of call for many fellow members of the profession seeking external assistance in this complicated legal territory.”

Mr Fotheringham is available for instruction now in his new position with the following contact details:

Direct Dial - 07976 758027

Email -

Postal Address - Flexlaw Solicitors, CBC House, 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EG

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