Penalties for Enablers of Defeated Tax Avoidance – an ETN & CIOT Webinar

The Edinburgh Tax Network, in conjunction with CIOT and Terra Firma Chambers, will present a talk entitled Penalties for Enablers of Defeated Tax Avoidance on 25th November 2020 from 2pm to 3pm.

The speakers will be Ken Curran and Lesley Shakles of HMRC. They will provide an overview of legislation and purpose, the meaning and categories of enablers, the definition of defeat in this context, along with abusive tax arrangements, penalties and powers and safeguards.

Ken is a Chartered Tax Adviser. He has been working in practice for most of his professional life. He joined HMRC in February 2016. He is formerly Chair of the East Midlands Branch of the CIOT/ATT. He is a  committee member of HMRC branch of the CIOT/ATT and is the Investigation Lead for the operational unit focussing on Enablers of Tax Avoidance.

Lesley Joined the Inland Revenue in 1984 and is a Qualified Inspector of Taxes. She has many years’ experience of investigative work and is responsible for the implementation of the policy objectives and strategic approach with regard to the Penalties for Enablers of Defeated Tax Avoidance legislation.

There is no charge for attendance but registration is required. To sign up, please click here.