Scottish Parliament backs campaign for people’s vote on terms of Brexit

The Scotland for a People’s Vote campaign has welcomed the decision of the Scottish Parliament to formally approve its “unequivocal support for a public vote on the final terms of the Brexit deal” – the first legislature in the UK to do so.

Holyrood voted by 65 MSPs to 30 with 20 abstentions in favour of a Lib Dem amendment advocating the People’s Vote – amending a Scottish government motion about safeguarding Scotland’s research and scientific excellence from the threat of Brexit.

A spokesperson for Scotland for a People’s Vote said: “This is a hugely significant and welcome decision of the Scottish Parliament – the first legislature in the UK to back a People’s Vote.

“Support in Scotland for remaining in the EU is running at even higher levels than the 62 per cent achieved in the 2016 referendum, and there is now a clear majority across the UK for staying in Europe.

“People are rejecting Brexit south of the border as well as in Scotland. Democracy demands a People’s Vote – where Holyrood has led, Westminster should follow.”

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