Shared Parenting Scotland calls for action to prevent family case logjam

Shared Parenting Scotland has called for action to prevent a logjam of family cases in the Scottish courts once normal business resumes. 

The organisation has written to the Lord President and the Justice Secretary to urge that decisions on whether children should see one of their parents should have high priority.

National manager Ian Maxwell said: “We know from our own helpline and from a survey that we have been conducting in partnership with our Welsh counterpart Both Parents Matter that although children are allowed to move between their parent’s homes, a significant number of parents are not letting this happen.

“Results so far show that 61 per cent of separated parents have experienced reduced time or no contact at all with their children since the start of the lockdown.

“The proportion who are completely blocked from seeing their children has risen from 13 per cent to 29 per cent.  Even if there are good reasons why children have had to stop travelling between their parents, this should not stop them communicating by phone or online.”

Holyrood’s Justice Committee said it will write today to the Justice Secretary on the issue.

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