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Gleneagles Hotel armed robber fails in appeal against sentence for £500,000 heist

An armed robber who was given an extended sentence of 18 years’ imprisonment after being found guilty of carrying out a £500,000 jewellery heist at one of Scotland’s top hotels has had an appeal against his sentence rejected. Rich

Criminal Appeal Court — 16 April 2019

Sheriff’s decision to impose supervised release order in addition to long-term sentence ‘incompetent’

A serial offender with over 100 previous convictions has successfully challenged a sheriff’s decision to impose a supervised release order (SRO) after he was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for an attempted robbery and a separate statutory breach of the peace.

Criminal Appeal Court — 19 March 2019

Rapist convicted of assaulting fellow prisoner fails in appeal against order for lifelong restriction

A serial offender who was sentenced to an order for lifelong restriction (OLR) following his fourth High Court appearance has had an appeal against a judge’s decision to impose the OLR rejected.

Criminal Appeal Court — 13 March 2019

Bank employee who stole customers’ cash has prison sentence cut following appeal

A bank employee who stole more than £50,000 from customers’ accounts has had his sentence reduced following an appeal.

Criminal Appeal Court — 12 March 2019

Man who posted ‘Nazi dog’ video has human rights appeal bid dismissed as ‘unarguable and incompetent’

The High Court of Justiciary has published its reasons for rejecting an application for permission to appeal by a man found guilty of posting a “grossly offensive” video online showing a “Nazi dog”.

Criminal Appeal Court — 6 March 2019

Criminal Appeal Court critical of ‘inappropriate and insulting’ questioning of rape complainer

The Criminal Appeal Court has reiterated its warning to defence lawyers over the “derogatory and insulting” questioning of rape complainers and criticised a judge for “wholly inappropriate” comments made about the evidence of a witness during the course of a trial.

Criminal Appeal Court — 27 February 2019

Man convicted of murder following re-trial fails in appeal against ‘excessive’ punishment part

A man found guilty of murder for a second time following a re-trial had had an appeal against his sentence dismissed.

Criminal Appeal Court — 19 February 2019

Traveller who held man in servitude fails in appeal against conviction

A man who was convicted along with another of holding a vulnerable 20-year-old man in servitude has failed in an appeal against conviction at the High Court of Justiciary Appeal Court.

Criminal Appeal Court — 13 February 2019

Rapist who claimed delayed distress did not corroborate lack of consent loses appeal against conviction

A man found guilty of rape who claimed that the evidence of the complainer’s distress, which was exhibited more than a day after the incident, was “too remote” to corroborate her account of lack of consent because she did not show any signs of distress in the intervening period has had an appeal against his conviction rejected.

Criminal Appeal Court — 9 January 2019

Teenager convicted of assault wins appeal against custodial sentence

A teenager who was sentenced to 18 months’ detention after being convicted of assault has had his custodial sentence quashed following an appeal.

Criminal Appeal Court — 8 January 2019

No need for corroboration of absence of reasonable belief of consent in rape cases, appeal court rules

An absence of reasonable belief of consent, a key element of the statutory definition of rape, does not require to be proved by corroborated evidence and no direction on it is required unless it is a live issue at trial, the Criminal Appeal Court has ruled.

Criminal Appeal Court — 11 December 2018

Roofer fails in appeal against attempted murder conviction following ‘self-defence’ claim

A man found guilty of attempting to kill a colleague following a post-work drinking session just days after they first met has had an appeal against his conviction rejected despite claiming he was acting in self-defence.

Criminal Appeal Court — 6 December 2018

Woman loses appeal against ‘perverse’ assault conviction

A woman found guilty of assaulting another woman to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement by repeatedly punching and kicking her on the head and body after the jury deleted from the libel the words “and strike her head against vivarium and repeatedly strike her on the body with glass” has had an appeal against her conviction rejected.

Criminal Appeal Court — 4 December 2018

Royal Blind School sex offender loses appeal against conviction over Crown reference to previous convictions

A man who was found guilty of historical sexual offences including the rape of fellow pupils at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh has had an appeal against his conviction refused.

Criminal Appeal Court — 20 November 2018

Paedophile loses appeal against conviction over ‘hearsay evidence’ of witness who suffered ‘memory loss’

A man found guilty of sexually abusing three boys who claimed that a police statement given by a witness who could not remember making the statement due to memory loss should not have been admitted as evidence has had an appeal against his conviction rejected – despite the fact appeal judges ruled that the hearsay evidence should not have been allowed.

Criminal Appeal Court — 19 November 2018