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Sheriff’s decision to impose supervised release order in addition to long-term sentence ‘incompetent’

A serial offender with over 100 previous convictions has successfully challenged a sheriff’s decision to impose a supervised release order (SRO) after he was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for an attempted robbery and a separate statutory breach of the peace.

Criminal Appeal Court — 19 March 2019

Criminal Appeal Court critical of ‘inappropriate and insulting’ questioning of rape complainer

The Criminal Appeal Court has reiterated its warning to defence lawyers over the “derogatory and insulting” questioning of rape complainers and criticised a judge for “wholly inappropriate” comments made about the evidence of a witness during the course of a trial.

Criminal Appeal Court — 27 February 2019

Royal Blind School sex offender loses appeal against conviction over Crown reference to previous convictions

A man who was found guilty of historical sexual offences including the rape of fellow pupils at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh has had an appeal against his conviction refused.

Criminal Appeal Court — 20 November 2018

Man who murdered wife loses ‘defective representation’ appeal but judges call for change in solicitor advocate instruction rules

The Criminal Appeal Court has “very strongly” suggested that consideration should be given to changing the rules on the instruction of solicitor advocates, in disposing of an appeal claiming “defective representation”.

Criminal Appeal Court — 10 September 2015