Case archive

Aberdeen kilt shop fails to establish extended road maintenance duty for city council

An Aberdeen-based kilt shop has lost its challenge against the city council in respect of water ingress problems affecting its premises.

Court of Session Inner House 14 July 2020

Glasgow businessman’s appeal against fire insurance decision refused

A man who had an insurance policy in respect of commercial premises in Glasgow had has his appeal against a decision that his insurer was not bound to indemnify him refused.

Court of Session Inner House 21 May 2020

Renewable energy firm's appeals over Moscow wind farm refused

A renewable energy firm that was held to be in breach of planning control in respect of a wind farm development has had its appeals to the Inner House of the Court of Session refused.

Court of Session Inner House 29 April 2020

Solicitor relieved of failure to comply with court rules on time-limit for appealing Pensions Ombudsman’s decision

A lawyer who was seeking to challenge a decision by the Pensions Ombudsman to reject a complaint against a trustee over its handling of a sale of properties has been granted permission to bring an appeal despite missing the deadline by more than four months.

Court of Session Inner House 20 September 2019

Party litigants’ appeal against council’s refusal of guesthouse development rejected

A couple who challenged a Scottish local authority’s decision to refuse their application to redevelop a building for use as a hotel and guesthouse have had their appeal dismissed.

Court of Session Inner House 23 August 2019

Iraqi-Kurdish journalist wins appeal for reconsideration of asylum application

An Iraqi national of Kurdish ethnicity whose claim for asylum in the UK was refused will have his case reconsidered after appealing against the decision.

Court of Session Inner House 22 May 2019

Deportation of father-of-two convicted of drugs offences did not meet ‘high threshold’ for removal of EU national

The Home Secretary’s decision to deport a Polish father-of-two following drink-driving and drugs offences has been overturned after appeal judges ruled that the “high threshold” for the removal of an EU national had not been met.

Court of Session Inner House 10 September 2018

Judges reject rape accused’s appeal to lead evidence of previous consensual sexual encounter with complainer

A man accused of rape who was seeking to question the complainer about a previous consensual sexual encounter he had with her in order to elicit evidence supporting his special defence of consent has had his appeal refused.

Court of Session Inner House 20 June 2018

Drug manufacturers’ appeal against judge’s decision to allow proof in negligence case dismissed

The manufacturers of a prescription drug for people with arthritis which it is alleged caused those who took the medication to suffer heart attacks and strokes have failed in an appeal against a judge’s decision to allow the cases to proceed to proof.

Court of Session Inner House 25 April 2018

Son’s appeal for 24-hour one-to-one care for dementia-suffering mother refused

A man acting under a power of attorney who challenged the lawfulness of a Scottish local authority’s decisions relating to the provision of community care services to his elderly mother has had his appeal refused.

Court of Session Inner House 26 January 2018

Breach of interdict overturned as ruling was not supported by sheriff’s findings in fact

A former partner in a property letting department of a firm of chartered surveyors who was interdicted from soliciting business from any company clients with which he had dealings after he set up a rival agency has successfully appealed against a decision that he was in breach of the court’s order.

Court of Session Inner House 16 January 2018

Judge refuses leave to appeal complaint against legal firm rejected as ‘totally without merit’

A homeowner has been refused leave to appeal against a decision of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission to dismiss his complaint against a legal firm as “totally without merit”.

Court of Session Inner House 15 July 2016

Scots law firm awarded £100,000 in unpaid fees after former client fails in appeal

A Scottish law firm which sued a former corporate client for payment of over £100,000 in unpaid legal fees has won its action after the company lost an appeal.

Court of Session Inner House 3 May 2016