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Indian overstayer successfully challenges decision to reject leave to remain application

An Indian man whose application for leave to remain in the UK based on his marriage to a British woman was refused has successfully challenged the decision.

Court of Session Outer House 26 July 2019

Judge rejects father’s bid to return cancer-stricken daughter to Ireland after ruling child was ‘habitually resident’ with mother in Scotland 

An Irish father-of-one who claimed that his estranged Scottish wife had unlawfully retained their daughter in Scotland after the child underwent emergency cancer treatment here has had an application for a court order for the toddler’s return to Ireland dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 14 January 2019

Sunken tug boat owners ordered to pay £400,000 clean-up costs after judge dismisses damages claim against MoD

The owners of a tug boat who sued the Ministry of Defence for “negligence” after the vessel sank having been attached to an MoD buoy have had the damages claim dismissed and been ordered to pay the more than £400,000 for the cost of the clean-up operation.

Court of Session Outer House 19 December 2018

Family of asbestos victim awarded £360,000 damages 

Court of Session Outer House 13 July 2018

Father wins legal fight to prevent former partner taking daughter to live in Northern Cyprus

A father-of-one has successfully challenged an attempt by his former partner to remove their daughter from Scotland and take her to live in Northern Cyprus.

Court of Session Outer House 24 April 2018

Woman’s legal bid to challenge confiscation order to keep property rejected

A woman who challenged a confiscation order imposed after her brother was convicted of drugs offences in an attempt to prevent the sale of a property in Edinburgh of which she claimed to be the “beneficial owner” has had her application rejected.

Court of Session Outer House 9 February 2018

Campaigner fails in legal challenge against Edinburgh Old Town development

A campaigner who challenged a Scottish local authority’s decision to grant planning permission for a development within a world heritage site has had a petition for judicial review dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 30 October 2017

Judge grants order to remove murderer’s former wife from family home in proceeds of crime case

The ex-wife of a man found guilty of murder and being concerned in the supply of cannabis is to be removed from her “family home” after a judge granted a proceeds of crime order for administrators to recover the property.

Court of Session Outer House 4 September 2017

Judge refuses to order return of child to Portugal after mother abducted girl and moved to Scotland

A Portuguese man whose daughter was “wrongfully removed” from Portugal to Scotland by her mother has failed in a legal bid to have the 10-year-old girl returned to the country of her birth.

Court of Session Outer House 24 April 2017

Judge refuses mother’s bid to relocate from Scotland to England with son against father’s wishes

A mother-of-one who was seeking a court order to relocate from Scotland to England with her two-year-old son against the wishes of the child’s father has had her application refused.

Court of Session Outer House 13 April 2017

Prisoner fails in £60,000 damages claim for hand-cuffing during hospital visits

A former prisoner who claimed that the policy of hand-cuffing him when he was escorted from jail to hospital for medical appointments while he was serving his sentence breached his human rights has had a damages claim dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 8 March 2017