Case archive

Farmer granted reduction of expulsion notice from family partnership

A farmer who was expelled from his family farming partnership has been granted decree of reduction of the expulsion notice.

Court of Session Outer House 2 June 2020

Civil engineering firm did not breach duty of care to tenants of contaminated housing development

Two tenants of properties in a housing development in Motherwell have failed to establish that a civil engineering firm breached a duty of care owed to them in respect of injuries they sustained whilst living on the site.

Court of Session Outer House 26 May 2020

Waste processing company’s breach of contract action against city council continued to hearing

A waste management company that sought damages for breach of contract from a city council has had their case continued to a hearing to determine the nature and scope of the proof.

Court of Session Outer House 20 May 2020

Guarantee agreement between biogas company and sub-contractor resolved in favour of neither party

A dispute concerning the terms of a guarantee agreement between a biogas company that instructed a contractor to build it an anaerobic digestion plant in Aberdeenshire and the contractor’s sub-contractor has been resolved in favour of neither party.

Court of Session Outer House 15 May 2020

Company’s £750,000 defamation action against MSP dismissed  

A company which sells “souvenir” plots of land and claimed that buyers could style themselves as “Lord of Lady” of an estate has had a £750,000 defamation action against an MSP dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 12 March 2020

Family of alcoholic homeless man who died in charity accommodation fail in damages claim

The family of a homeless man with a history of alcoholism who died hours after being offered accommodation by a charity have had an action for damages against the support provider dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 20 May 2019

Property developer granted proof before answer in breach of contract case against bank

A property developer who entered into an agreement with a bank to sell 26 homes he had purchased with loan funding after he became liable to repay more than £2.5 million in loans is challenging a bid by the lender to terminate the contract.

Court of Session Outer House 25 January 2018

Relatives of mesothelioma victim awarded £340,000 damages from deceased’s former employers

The family of a former shipyard worker who died from an asbestos-related condition have been awarded damages of more than £340,000 after the deceased’s former employers admitted liability.

Court of Session Outer House 4 October 2017