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English child care judge found to have potential bias after leaving remote link open

The Court of Appeal (Civil Division) has remitted care proceedings in respect of a baby whose brother died to the Family Division after finding that the original judge may have expressed bias against one of the parties when she made a number of pejorative comments to her clerk about the appellant including that she had tried “every trick in the book” to avoid having to answer difficult questions. 

England and Wales Court of Appeal 30 July 2020

HMRC successfully appeals Upper Tribunal multi-purpose van classification decision

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has successfully appealed a decision of the Tax and Chancery Chamber of the Upper Tribunal in which it held that certain modified company vehicles were to be taxed as vans and not cars.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 23 July 2020

Court of Appeal orders rehearing for child abduction application

A Polish national who made a return order for his young child under the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention has had his application remitted for rehearing following an appeal by the child’s mother.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 21 July 2020

Campaigners win ‘climate change’ appeal against Heathrow Airport expansion policy

Controversial plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport have been thrown into doubt following a successful legal challenge by environmental campaigners.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 28 February 2020

Lawyers’ pub gossip about employment tribunal claim protected by ‘legal advice privilege’

An in-house lawyer who sued his former employer for disability discrimination and victimisation cannot rely on a leaked email or a conversation he overheard in a pub to support his employment tribunal claim, appeal judges have ruled.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 29 October 2019

Electoral Commission wins appeal on interpretation of ‘expenses incurred’ by Vote Leave

A legal challenge against a decision by the statutory body responsible for overseeing elections and referendums in the United Kingdom not to open an investigation into the spending by the official Vote Leave campaign in connection with the Brexit vote has been dismissed following an appeal.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 23 September 2019

Pro-life campaigners lose appeal against protest ban outside abortion clinic

Members of a Christian pro-life campaign group have had a legal challenge against a local authority’s decision to impose a “safe zone” banning protests around an abortion clinic dismissed.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 22 August 2019

Part-time judge fails in appeal for pension entitlement to be backdated

A part-time judge who claimed that his pension should be calculated on the basis of his sitting days since he was appointed rather than the date on which an EU law protecting part-time-time workers from being treated less favourably than equivalent full-time workers came into force in the UK has had an appeal refused.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 7 October 2015

Union’s appeal for judicial review of employment tribunal fees dismissed

A trade union which challenged the introduction of fees for claimants to pursue employment tribunals has had an appeal for judicial review of the policy refused.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 27 August 2015

Ryanair refused permission to appeal to Supreme Court over Aer Lingus divestiture order

The UK Supreme Court has refused an application by a budget airline to challenge a Court of Appeal ruling in a case relating to a dispute over its minority stake in a another carrier.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 21 July 2015

State immunity from employment rights proceedings ‘incompatible with ECHR’

Legislation which gives foreign states “blanket immunity” from the jurisdiction of the courts of the UK in respect of employment disputes concerning embassy staff breaches human rights law, appeal judges have ruled.

England and Wales Court of Appeal 9 February 2015