Case archive

English solicitor accused of ‘modern day grave robbing’ succeeds in breach of anti-defamation contract action

An English solicitor who was accused of committing international fraud by a professional photographer has succeeded in a claim for breach of contract against him.

England and Wales High Court 10 March 2021

English judge orders removal of negative online review of law firm following defamation claim

An English judge has ordered that a negative Trustpilot review posted by a dissatisfied former client of a solicitor firm be removed from the website after rejecting his defences to the claim.

England and Wales High Court 9 February 2021

English High Court rules GCHQ general warrants require sufficient specificity

A privacy rights group has succeeded in having part of a tribunal decision on the use of wide-ranging warrants by UK intelligence services quashed in its application for judicial review in an English court.

England and Wales High Court 11 January 2021

English judge orders recovery of funds from fraudulent car buying company account 

The National Crime Agency has succeeded in an action under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to recover monies from the frozen bank account of a former English car sales company as the proceeds of unlawful conduct.

England and Wales High Court 7 January 2021

English High Court rules South African government does not have immunity from salvage payment action

A UK salvaging company that retrieved 2,364 silver bars from a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean has successfully established in an English court that the Republic of South Africa did not have state immunity from an action for payment for salvage.

England and Wales High Court 6 January 2021

German artist whose vehicle was unlawfully auctioned by Welsh police awarded £36,500 in damages

An English judge has awarded a German artist £36,500 in damages after her vehicle was unlawfully sold by Welsh police before she was able to recover it.

England and Wales High Court 17 December 2020

English High Court allows review of custody time limit extension decision, refuses another 

The English High Court of Justice (Queen’s Bench Division) has granted judicial review of a judge’s decision not to extend the custody time limit (CTL) for a suspected drug dealer, but refused to allow a review challenging an extension for a teenager accused of perverting the course of justice. 

England and Wales High Court 4 December 2020

English High Court rules under 16s unlikely to be able to consent to puberty blocking drugs  

The English High Court of Justice has ruled that children aged 15 or younger would be unlikely to be able to give effective consent to the administration of puberty-blocking drugs (PBs), but those aged 16 and over would have the ability to consent to their use.

England and Wales High Court 3 December 2020

English solicitor successfully appeals ‘alarming’ misconduct fine after intimate relations with firm junior

An English solicitor who was fined for misconduct after engaging in sexual activity with a junior in his legal firm has succeeded in reversing the decision after appealing under the Solicitors Act 1974.

England and Wales High Court 2 December 2020

Mother who had Universal Credit reduced due to Maternity Allowance fails to challenge benefit rules

A woman who argued it was unlawful to distinguish between Statutory Maternity Pay and state Maternity Allowance when calculating how much a person should receive in Universal Credit has failed in her claim before an English court.

England and Wales High Court 27 October 2020

English court finds two former directors of fraudulent property company in breach of Companies Act

Two former directors of a company allegedly established to renovate a derelict hotel in Bristol into student accommodation have been found in breach of their legal duties, while the claims against another were dismissed.

England and Wales High Court 14 August 2020

English High Court rules compensation cap for pensioners below normal pension age discriminatory

The High Court of England and Wales has ruled that the operation of a compensation cap operated by the Pension Protection Fund to reduce the pensions of those below normal pension age was discriminatory on the grounds of age.

England and Wales High Court 24 June 2020

Home Office succeeds in challenging judicial review of ‘hostile environment’ letting policy

The High Court of England and Wales has allowed an appeal by the Home Secretary against judicial review proceedings challenging the lawfulness of provisions under the Immigration Act 2014 preventing landlords in the private sector from letting to irregular immigrants.

England and Wales High Court 23 April 2020

COVID-19: Debenhams’ administrators took on contracts of furloughed employees

The joint administrators of the department store Debenhams have been held by the High Court of England and Wales to have adopted the employment contracts of personnel who had been furloughed due to the company’s participation in the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (JRS).

England and Wales High Court 22 April 2020

Child guardian wins appeal against family judge’s ruling over ‘unjust’ and ‘wholly unsatisfactory’ handling of case

The guardian of a child who was made the subject of a care order has successfully challenged the decision after an appeal court ruled that the judge’s “wholly unsatisfactory” handling of the case amounted to “serious procedural irregularity”.

England and Wales High Court 1 November 2019