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Unprotected tenancy deposits continue to cost landlords in housing tribunal proceedings

Two applications by former tenants of Glasgow properties made after their landlords failed to place their tenancy deposits into an approved tenancy deposit scheme have resulted in awards of £500 and £6,000 from The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland’s Housing and Property Chamber.

First-tier Tribunal for Scotland 23 November 2021

Housing tribunal awards £2,400 to former tenants of landlord who sold property after claiming he wanted to live in it

The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber has ordered a Glasgow landlord to pay £2,400 to his former tenants after they applied to the tribunal for a Wrongful Termination Order.

First-tier Tribunal for Scotland 29 September 2021

Inverclyde landlord ordered to pay £1,500 for unlawful eviction of tenant using unfounded eviction ground

A former tenant of a property in Gourock, Inverclyde, has been awarded £1,500 by the First-tier Tribunal Housing and Property Chamber after it found she had been unlawfully evicted by her landlord, who claimed that his sister intended to live in the property.

First-tier Tribunal for Scotland 19 May 2021