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Man who sexually abused two boys in ‘mutual corroboration’ case loses appeal against conviction

A man who was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment after being found guilty of a series of sexual offences against two boys has had an appeal against his conviction rejected.

High Court of Justiciary 16 March 2018

‘Flasher’ wins appeal against ‘excessive’ custodial sentence

A “flasher” who was sentenced to a total of three years’ imprisonment for breaching community payback orders after being convicted of two “random acts of sexual exhibitionism” has had the custodial term reduced following an appeal.

High Court of Justiciary 15 March 2018

Man with child porn ‘obsession’ wins appeal against imposition of extended sentence

A man with an “uncontrollable obsession” with child pornography who was given an extended sentence after being convicted of being in possession of indecent images of children has successfully appealed against the sentence imposed.

High Court of Justiciary 14 March 2018

Husband jailed for culpable homicide over ‘mercy killing’ of terminally wife admonished following appeal

A father-of-two who was sentenced to four years and three months' imprisonment following his conviction of the culpable homicide of his terminally ill wife in what was described as a “final act of love” has been admonished after appeal judges quashed his sentence.

High Court of Justiciary 12 March 2018

Father-of-three fails in appeal against extradition despite wife’s successful human rights challenge

A father-of-three who is the subject of two European Arrest Warrants has had an application for leave to appeal against a sheriff’s decision to order his extradition to Poland rejected.

High Court of Justiciary 2 March 2018

Man found guilty of domestic abuse despite partner denying assault loses appeal against conviction

A man found guilty of domestic abuse offences despite his former partner denying that she had been assaulted has had an appeal against his conviction dismissed.

High Court of Justiciary 21 February 2018

Paedophile parent loses appeal against sexual offences conviction

A father-of-two found guilty of sexually assaulting his daughter and making and sharing indecent images of her has had an appeal against his conviction refused.

High Court of Justiciary 19 February 2018

Teenage rapist wins appeal against ‘excessive’ six-year sentence

A 14-year-old boy who raped and sexual assaulted two younger girls has had his sentence of six years’ detention cut following an appeal after judges ruled that the custodial term imposed was “excessive”.

High Court of Justiciary 7 February 2018

Rapist who claimed prosecutors acted ‘oppressively’ loses appeal against conviction

ed. Whether the appellant had administered a drug to her had very little, if any, bearing on that central issue. In so far as the jury may have been given an impression of the Crown’s lingering suspicion, that could only have had a conceivable bearing, as reflecting on the appellant’s character, if the appellant’s own credibility and reliability had been put in issue. It was not. For all these reasons, the appeal against conviction is accordingly refused.”

High Court of Justiciary 24 January 2018

Domestic abuser loses appeal against conviction after judges dismiss ‘self-defence’ claim

g such an attack. In these circumstances, the sheriff was entitled to take the view that there was no evidence from which it could be inferred that the appellant might have been acting in self-defence.”

High Court of Justiciary 18 January 2018

Trial judge erred in allowing defence challenge to be heard when objection was not raised as preliminary issue

A freight forwarder found guilty of being concerned in the supplying of cocaine who claimed that his detention by police and recovery of his mobile phone was “unlawful” has had an appeal against his conviction refused after he failed to give notice of his objection to the admissibility of the evidence prior to the preliminary hearing.

High Court of Justiciary 17 January 2018

Attempted murderer loses appeal against order for lifelong restriction

A man who was given an order for lifelong restriction after being convicted of attempted murder has had an appeal against his sentence refused.

High Court of Justiciary 15 January 2018

Time-barred charges may competently be included in a docket as evidence of mutual corroboration

The Crown has successfully appealed against a judge’s decision to refuse an attempt by prosecutors to include evidence of alleged sexual offences which were previously held to be “time-barred” in a docket in an indictment libelling other sex crimes.

High Court of Justiciary 10 January 2018

Scottish courts have ‘inherent power’ to prohibit publication of alleged blackmail victim’s name

Scottish courts have an “inherent power” to depart from the principle of open justice and make an order for anonymity to prohibit publication of and to protect the identity of alleged victims of extortion, appeal judges have confirmed.

High Court of Justiciary 18 December 2017

Crown secures confiscation order against murderer who benefited from ‘criminal lifestyle’

A man convicted of murder and embezzlement has been made the subject of a confiscation order after a High Court judge ruled that he had made almost £120,000 as a result of his “criminal lifestyle”.

High Court of Justiciary 13 December 2017