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Paige Doherty killer John Leathem wins appeal against ‘excessive’ sentence

The man convicted of the murder of school girl Paige Doherty has had his sentence reduced following an appeal after claiming that the punishment part imposed was “excessive”.

High Court of Justiciary 17 February 2017

Father and son fail in appeals against attempted murder convictions

A father and son found guilty of attempted murder who claimed there was “insufficient evidence” to prove that they each participated in the assault have failed in an appeal against their convictions.

High Court of Justiciary 15 February 2017

High Court refuses to hear human rights challenge to fixed penalty notice legislation

A teenager who was issued with a fixed penalty notice for a breach of the peace but failed to pay has had a bid to suspend registration of the fine dismissed as “incompetent”.

High Court of Justiciary 3 February 2017

High Court refuses ‘oppression’ claim in appeal over summary complaint following deserted solemn proceedings

A man accused of housebreaking against whom solemn proceedings were dropped following an appeal against a sheriff’s decision to extend the 12-month time bar has had a further appeal refused after he claimed that the Crown “acted oppressively” by prosecuting him on summary complaint over the same incident.

High Court of Justiciary 1 February 2017

Drug dealer wins appeal against forfeiture of vehicle

A drug dealer who was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment and ordered to forfeit his vehicle after admitting being concerned in the supply of ecstasy has successfully appealed against the forfeiture of the car described as his “pride and joy”.

High Court of Justiciary 31 January 2017

Man guilty of sexual assault loses appeal over corroboration of ‘lack of consent’

A man found guilty of sexual assaulting a woman who claimed there was insufficient evidence to corroborate her account of lack of consent has failed in an appeal against conviction.

High Court of Justiciary 24 January 2017

Appeal Court calls for change to law on sentencing of offenders caught with indecent images of children

The Criminal Appeal Court has called for a review of the legislation and guidelines on sentencing for those convicted of making and being in possession of indecent images of children after quashing the extended sentences imposed on three men who were found with hundreds of pictures and videos depicting sexual exploitation of minors.

High Court of Justiciary 18 January 2017

Man who challenged extradition to Poland on medical grounds loses appeal

A man facing extradition to Poland who challenged the order to extradite him on medical grounds has had an appeal dismissed.

High Court of Justiciary 12 January 2017

Appeal Court clarifies law on challenging admissibility of evidence obtained under warrant

The Criminal Appeal Court has issued an opinion clarifying whether and when the admissibility of evidence seized under a valid search warrant may competently be challenged by preliminary issue minute.

High Court of Justiciary 4 January 2017

Appeal against conviction over claim sheriff ‘restricted’ cross-examination of witness refused

A man found guilty of assault and robbery who claimed that a sheriff’s warning to a witness about potential prevarication or perjury restricted his defence lawyer’s ability to cross-examine the witness has had an appeal against his conviction refused.

High Court of Justiciary 20 December 2016

Tanveer Ahmed loses appeal against ‘excessive’ sentence for murder of Assad Shah

The Muslim man convicted of the “religiously motivated” murder of a Glasgow shopkeeper because of his membership of the Ahmadi sect of Islam has failed in an appeal against his sentence.

High Court of Justiciary 19 December 2016

Murderer who claimed judge ‘linked him to Paris terrorist’ fails in ‘unfair trial’ appeal

A man found guilty of murdering his ex-partner who claimed that the trial judge showed a “lack of impartiality” by using the word “assassin” in giving an example of a deliberate intention to kill has failed in an appeal against his conviction.

High Court of Justiciary 12 December 2016

Prevaricating witness found in contempt of court fails in appeal after claiming she ‘purged’ her contempt

A witness in an assault trial who was found in contempt of court for “prevaricating” has had a petition to the nobile officium of the High Court of Justiciary refused.

High Court of Justiciary 7 December 2016

Man convicted of rape who was later found to be ‘unfit to stand trial’ wins ‘miscarriage of justice’ appeal

A man deemed “unfit to stand trial” after he had been found guilty of rape has successfully appealed against his conviction and sentence.

High Court of Justiciary 2 December 2016

Crown wins appeal against judge’s decision to acquit rape accused after juror left jury room

Prosecutors successfully challenged a judge’s decision to acquit a man accused of rape after a juror left the jury room to make a personal phone call after they had begun their deliberations.

High Court of Justiciary 1 December 2016