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Retired civil servant who tripped on ramp outside Edinburgh supermarket wins over £11,000 in damages

An Edinburgh pensioner who tripped over a ramp outside a supermarket has succeeded in obtaining over £11,000 in damages after a sheriff in the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court found that the supermarket acted contrary to the Occupiers’ Liability (Scotland) Act 1960 in not marking a potential trip hazard outside the store.

Sheriff Court 6 May 2021

Cupar hotel owners interdict servitude holder from damaging accessway gates with vehicle bar 

A sheriff in Dundee Sheriff Court has found that the dominant proprietor of a servitude right over castle grounds in Cupar did not have his rights interfered with by the installation of gates along a road he used to access his property and interdicted him from further damaging or removing them.

Sheriff Court 30 April 2021

Edinburgh law student loses appeal against being placed on children’s list following sexual offences against classmates 

A law student in Edinburgh who was placed on the children’s list after being convicted of several sexual offences against schoolmates on Uist has had his appeal against the decision of the Scottish Ministers to list him refused. 

Sheriff Court 12 February 2021

Former tanning salon employee who suffered hearing loss from faulty alarm awarded over £240,000 in damages

A woman who required hearing aids after her ears were damaged by a faulty fire alarm at her workplace has been awarded over £241,000 by the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court.

Sheriff Court 14 April 2021

Ex-civil partner of suddenly deceased woman allowed proof in respect of breach of contract claim

A woman who had contracted with her former civil partner, now deceased, to contribute towards the repayment of a mortgage on her home in exchange for acquiring joint title to the property has been allowed a proof before answer in respect of her case.

Sheriff Court 9 April 2021

Edinburgh woman whose ex-partner forged signature on standard security succeeds in action for reduction

A woman whose ex-partner forged her signature on a standard security over her home in Edinburgh has successfully had the document reduced by Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Court 18 March 2021

Sheriff orders discharge of Albanian man wanted in Italy in connection with attempted murder conviction 

A sheriff has ordered the discharge under the Extradition Act 2003 of an Albanian national who had a European Arrest Warrant issued against him after he failed to attend a trial for attempted murder in Italy. 

Sheriff Court 16 March 2021

Glasgow sheriff makes forced marriage protection order in respect of Indian student who fled to Scotland

A sheriff in Glasgow has made an order under the Forced Marriage etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Act 2011 in order to prevent the parents of an Indian student studying in the UK from attempting to force her into a marriage.

Sheriff Court 11 March 2021

Glasgow sheriff removes convicted rapist’s parental rights in respect of son and orders nil contact

A sheriff in Glasgow has removed the parental rights of a convicted rapist in respect of his son and determined that it would not be in the best interests of the child to have any form of contact with him while still allowing him to have letterbox contact with his daughter.

Sheriff Court 4 March 2021

Glasgow sheriff refuses to recuse himself from child relocation case

A sheriff in Glasgow has refused a motion calling for his recusal from family proceedings involving a mother who sought to relocate with her child to the USA.

Sheriff Court 24 February 2021

Evangelical association’s breach of contract claim for cancelled arena event rejected by Glasgow sheriff

A sheriff in Glasgow has dismissed part of an action for damages raised by an evangelical Christian organisation against the operators of the SSE Hydro Arena but ordered a proof in respect of quantification of loss concerning a potential breach of the Equality Act 2010.

Sheriff Court 23 February 2021

Tenant of burned down storage unit at former turkey farm fails to establish damages claim

An action by the lessee of a storage unit located on a former poultry farm that was destroyed by a fire in 2016 has been dismissed by a sheriff.

Sheriff Court 27 January 2021

Edinburgh sheriff finds man entitled to paternity test as part of child compulsory supervision order

A man who appealed the decision of a children’s hearing not to require the local authority to organise a DNA test as part of a compulsory supervision order has been successful in an appeal to the sheriff.

Sheriff Court 14 January 2021

Sheriff grants division and sale of Bearsden home jointly owned by feuding ex-sisters-in-law 

A sheriff in Dumbarton has granted a crave for division and sale of a property in Bearsden jointly owned by two feuding former sisters-in-law following several years of legal correspondence between them with no agreement. 

Sheriff Court 12 January 2021

Sheriff Personal Injury Court rules ‘online travel agent’ deal could be considered a package holiday 

A woman who was injured during a two-week holiday to Turkey has successfully established that consumer regulations on the provision of package holidays applied to the booking she made with an ‘online travel agent’ for flights, accommodation, and hotel transfer. 

Sheriff Court 23 December 2020