Case archive

Edinburgh harbour commercial tenant fails to establish wrongful payments 

A tenant of commercial premises in Granton, Edinburgh, has been unsuccessful in its action against an agent of its landlord for reduction of invoices and repayment of sums it alleged were wrongfully paid to its landlord’s agents. 

Sheriff Court 20 November 2020

Flat owner fails to establish statutory repair duty for downstairs neighbours

The proprietor of a flat in Edinburgh who sought to establish that their neighbour had a statutory obligation to pay for half the cost of repairs to the external render of the common wall of their building has had their application rejected by the Sheriff Court. 

Sheriff Court 23 September 2020

Scottish university’s payment action against student dismissed due to ‘lack of jurisdiction’

A Scottish university which sued a distance-learning student for unpaid fees has had its claim dismissed due to “lack of jurisdiction”.

Sheriff Court 10 March 2020

Kezia Dugdale successfully defends defamation action over pro-independence blogger’s ‘homophobic’ tweet

The former leader of the Scottish Labour Party who was accused of defamation over a newspaper article in which she described a social media comment published online by a pro-independence blogger as “homophobic” has successfully defended a legal action against her.

Sheriff Court 18 April 2019

Sheriff rejects Russian Federation extradition request as an ‘abuse of process’

A former advisor to officials of President Vladimir Putin who was convicted in absence of fraud and wanted on other fraud charges has successfully challenged a request for his extradition to Russia.

Sheriff Court 15 June 2018