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Supreme Court holds 'two-child' tax credit limit compatible with ECHR rights

The UK Supreme Court has held that the “two-child limit” used in calculating part of child tax credit payments is compatible with Articles 8, 12, and 14 of the ECHR after an appeal was brought by two adults and eight children against decisions of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

UK Supreme Court 12 July 2021

UKSC: Doctor who negligently advised mother over genetic condition not liable for costs associated with child’s unrelated diagnosis

A woman whose doctor negligently led her to believe she was not a carrier of a hereditary disease has had her appeal against a decision that the doctor was not liable for all the costs associated with raising her child refused by the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 22 June 2021

Supreme Court holds accounting firm liable to English building society for millions in damages for negligent advice

The Supreme Court has found that an accounting firm that incorrectly advised a building society that it could use a method of accounting known as “hedge accounting” to handle volatility in certain payments had negligently cost the society £32 million for the cost of ditching the contracts early as a result.

UK Supreme Court 21 June 2021

Supreme Court refuses HMRC appeal seeking over £475,000 in unpaid tax from divorce lawyer

The Supreme Court has refused an appeal by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs against a decision of the English Court of Appeal not to require a top UK divorce lawyer to pay back over £475,000 in taxes that were avoided via a scheme.

UK Supreme Court 18 May 2021

Insurer’s appeal in case of man killed outside bar in Aberdeen dismissed by Supreme Court

An insurer’s appeal that an exclusion clause in a policy applied in the context of a case in which a man was killed following an assault in Aberdeen has been unanimously dismissed by the Supreme Court in a judgment that agrees with the Court of Session's.

UK Supreme Court 23 April 2021

Supreme Court rules sale and leaseback of Aberdeenshire care home did not trigger VAT exemption claw-back

The Supreme Court has held that the sale and leaseback of an Aberdeenshire care home did not dispose of the seller’s entire interest in the property for the purposes of VAT legislation.

UK Supreme Court 1 April 2021

Supreme Court holds Asda warehouse workers can be valid equal pay comparator for shop workers 

The UK Supreme Court has determined that the predominantly female retail employees of a major supermarket are able to use the employment contracts of predominantly male depot employees as a valid comparison in their equal pay claim. 

UK Supreme Court 29 March 2021

Supreme Court: Shamima Begum cannot return to UK

Shamima Begum, the woman who travelled to Syria as a child and aligned herself with ISIS, has failed in all her appeals to the Supreme Court and cannot return to the UK to argue her citizenship case.

UK Supreme Court 26 February 2021

UK Supreme Court rules business interruption insurance policies must pay out after Covid-19 losses

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that business interruption losses resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic are recoverable under a variety of insurance policies after appeals by both the Financial Conduct Authority and various insurance companies.

UK Supreme Court 20 January 2021

Supreme Court allows appeal by migrant worker not informed of visa sponsor’s licence revocation

A non-EU migrant worker who had his visa application refused after the Home Office revoked his employer’s sponsor licence and did not inform him has successfully appealed the decision of the Upper Tribunal to refuse his petition for judicial review of the decision.

UK Supreme Court 26 October 2020

Woman denied social housing because she was not an Orthodox Jew fails in Supreme Court appeal

A woman who was unable to obtain social housing because she was not a member of the Orthodox Jewish community has failed in her appeal to the Supreme Court, made on the basis she suffered unlawful direct discrimination on grounds of race or religion or ethnic origin.

UK Supreme Court 19 October 2020

UK Supreme Court dismisses telecoms patent infringement appeal by Huawei

A patent infringement appeal brought against the UK branch of the telecommunications company Huawei has been dismissed by the UK Supreme Court after the company challenged the decision by the English Court of Appeal to uphold the trial judge’s order.

UK Supreme Court 3 September 2020

Supreme Court: Man convicted of sexual crimes after being caught by 'paedophile hunters' fails in human rights appeal

A man who sent an adult posing as a 13-year-old boy a sexual image and arranged to meet him and who was thereafter convicted of sexual offences has had his human rights appeal to the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed.

UK Supreme Court 15 July 2020

Bingo club operator’s tax appeal to Supreme Court dismissed

A bingo club operator’s tax appeal to the Supreme Court has been unanimously dismissed.

UK Supreme Court 24 June 2020

Supreme Court: Barclays Bank not vicariously liable for doctor’s alleged sexual assaults

The Supreme Court has allowed an appeal by Barclays Bank and held that they were not vicariously liable for any sexual assaults committed by a doctor who performed medical examinations on their behalf.

UK Supreme Court 3 April 2020