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Newspapers fail in appeal against libel actions as serious harm test is satisfied

News publishers who appealed over articles defamatory of a man in respect of his behaviour towards his former wife have had their appeal dismissed by justices in the Supreme Court on the basis the “serious harm” test was satisfied.

UK Supreme Court 12 June 2019

Supreme Court clarifies use of closed material procedure

The Supreme Court has clarified the use of closed material procedure under section 6 of the Justice and Security Act 2013, an issue raised in Belhaj and another v Director of Public Prosecutions and another.

UK Supreme Court 4 July 2018

Iraqi civilians fail in tortious claim against Ministry of Defence over maltreatment by British forces

Iraqi civilians who said they suffered at the hands of the British armed forces have failed in their tortious claim against the Ministry of Defence as a consequence of foreign time-bar rules.

UK Supreme Court 12 May 2016