Lorne Crerar: Time for an informed debate on Roberton Review

Professor Lorne Crerar makes the case for the Roberton Review.

Published 22 January 2020

Clare Kelly: What makes a Scotch a Scotch?

Clare Kelly looks at a cautionary tale on whisky production.

Published 22 January 2020

Jamie Meechan: Take note – new EHRC guidelines on sexual harassment in workplace

Jamie Meechan comments on new guidance on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Published 22 January 2020

Andrew Ireland: Mediation vs pre-trial meetings

Andrew Ireland offers his personal insights on recent mediations in which he has been involved, contrasting them with his experience of pre-trial meetings in personal injury cases.

Published 21 January 2020

Sarah Gilzean: BBC equal pay case a stark warning to employers without clear pay systems

Samira Ahmed's high profile victory in her equal pay claim against the BBC should be sounding alarm bells for many employers who do not have a clear and transparent system for valuing jobs and setting pay, writes Sarah Gilzean.

Published 17 January 2020

Scott McGeachy: Schrems II – Brexit and standard contractual clauses

In the case of Schrems II, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an opinion which upholds the validity of the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Scott McGeachy explains the case and its implications.

Published 16 January 2020

Jamie Kerr: Twenty insights into the UK's immigration system

Jamie Kerr provides 20 insights into what the UK immigration system might have in store in the coming years.

Published 13 January 2020

Blog: Differences in personal injury compensation north and south of the border

Rachel Henry and Alistair Kinley look at certain differences between Scotland and England & Wales on personal injury compensation.

Published 13 January 2020

Andrew Sackey: Corporate fraud crackdown is gathering pace

Andrew Sackey discusses the accelerating speed of the crackdown on corporate fraud.

Published 10 January 2020

Our Legal Heritage: Duncan Clark, the Scottish lawyer sentenced to death after a grisly find in his desk

As a young lawyer, or ‘writer’, in the county town of Perth in the 1820s, Duncan Clark was a pillar of the community and a model of respectability.

Published 10 January 2020

Bruce Craig: HSE prosecutions at all time low but businesses must maintain standards

Health and safety expert Bruce Craig warns that while prosecutions for breaching health and safety laws are at record low levels, businesses have a duty to maintain the highest standards.

Published 9 January 2020

Angela Grahame QC: 2020 promises to be a year to remember

With the last echoes of the bells drifting into the distance, 2020 is firmly with us and it is time to get down to work. That might sound as though it is just another change of the calendar, but, for Scotland’s legal profession, this has the promise to be very much a year to remember.

Published 7 January 2020

James Lloyd: Supreme Court casts doubt on gratuitous alienations

The law governing gratuitous alienations is less certain that it was following a decision of the Supreme Court, writes James Lloyd.

Published 6 January 2020

Jack Boyle: 2020 starts with a bang for employment law

The Employment Tribunal has held that ethical veganism falls within scope of Equality Act 2010. Jack Boyle explains what happened.

Published 6 January 2020

Callum McInnes: Bridging finance – positive alternative funding or dangerous gamble?

Over the past five years or so, mainstream lenders have cut back and in many cases withdrawn lending altogether. This has made way for an alternative form of funding in the form of bridging finance, writes Callum McInnes.

Published 24 December 2019