Karen Dance: Scottish personal injury claims

Karen Dance looks at certain law reforms in the context of the latest personal injury court statistics.

Published 12 May 2020

Alison Edmondson: Truth by Zoom

Alison Edmondson looks at the issue of credibility and reliability of witnesses over Zoom.

Published 11 May 2020

Our Legal Heritage: VE Day 75 – scrapbooks of WW2 service

May 8th 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day – the end of the Second World War in Europe. During the six long years of conflict, the WS Society kept a scrapbook of news about Writers to the Signet in service at home and abroad. James Hamilton introduces this poignant resource.

Published 11 May 2020

Benjamin Bestgen: Trust and trustworthiness

Benjamin Bestgen explores trust and trustworthiness in his latest jurisprudential primer. See his last post here.

Published 5 May 2020

Bryan O’Donnell: Legal headaches for Scottish football

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic which has temporarily halted normality, one pillar of Scottish society has never been far away from the headlines, writes Bryan O'Donnell.

Published 5 May 2020

Joanna Hardy: I’m an online lawyer now. Can you hear me?

Criminal barrister Joanna Hardy shares her experience of remote courts in England.

Published 4 May 2020

Garry Sturrock: BBC One’s The Nest and the truth about surrogacy in Scotland

Garry Sturrock separates fact from fiction when it comes to surrogacy.

Published 1 May 2020

Benjamin Bestgen: Working hard

In his latest jurisprudential primer, Benjamin Bestgen explains why there is more to the concept of 'hard work' than meets the eye. See his last post here.

Published 29 April 2020

Our Legal Heritage: Mr Roughead and Miss Smith 

Robert Pirrie WS, chief executive of the WS Society, tells the story of William Roughead, the Edinburgh lawyer who became the father of the ‘true crime’ genre and the celebrated trial for murder of Miss Madelaine Smith.

Published 29 April 2020

Megan MacInnes: Shaping our futures - communities and the Right to Buy for Sustainable Development

With the Community Right to Buy for Sustainable Development having come into effect last weekend, land commissioner Megan MacInnes looks at what it means for communities and for land reform.

Published 28 April 2020

Blog: Constructive criticism for Scottish government’s business advice

COVID-19 is presenting challenges for the construction sector in many areas, but the marked differences between the approach in Scotland and England is causing significant confusion amongst UK businesses, write Angela Grahame QC and Murdo MacLeod QC.

Published 27 April 2020

Ailie McGowan: Coronavirus pandemic underlines necessity of a digitalised civil court system

Ailie McGowan discusses the need for a digitalised court system.

Published 24 April 2020

Catriona Torrance: The IHT magic million - true or false?

You might recall headlines a few years ago, amid political jostling, of £1 million free of inheritance tax? Well, as of 6 April this year, this became true – for a limited number of people in particular circumstances. So who falls into this 'magic million' category?

Published 21 April 2020