The Margaret Taylor Interview: Usman Tariq on levelling the playing field in the Scottish legal profession

In many ways Usman Tariq’s family history reads like a classic immigrant narrative. His grandfather came from Pakistan to Scotland in search of a better life; his father left school early to enter the world of work; Mr Tariq and his two sisters were enabled and encouraged to grab every educational opportunity that came their way.

Published 25 June 2020

Hazel Anderson: Furlough on the farm

Blackadders' Hazel Anderson reflects on a furlough period that sounds busier than life at the office.

Published 25 June 2020

Dawn Reoch: Business debt in the aftermath of the pandemic

Dawn Reoch discusses business debt in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Published 24 June 2020

Benjamin Bestgen: Predicting crime

Predictive policing is no longer just science fiction, as Benjamin Bestgen explains. See his last jurisprudential primer here.

Published 24 June 2020

Our Legal Heritage: 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?'

Graham Ogilvy enjoys a new presentation of the famous denouement of demagogue Joe McCarthy at the hands of Boston lawyer Joseph N Welch.

Published 24 June 2020

Kathryn Kelly: A question of knowledge – defects, the Midlothian case and the time for bringing an action in Scots law

When a defect becomes apparent in a building or structure, how long does the owner have to make a claim? Kathryn Kelly explains more.

Published 23 June 2020

Claire Logue: What next for COVID-19’s impact on construction contracts?

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on construction projects in terms of delay as well as direct and indirect costs and Claire Logue says it is uncertain how these will be dealt with by the courts.

Published 23 June 2020

Benjamin Bestgen: Feminist legal philosophy

Benjamin Bestgen gives readers an introduction to feminist legal philosophy in his latest primer. See his last one here.

Published 17 June 2020

Amanda Masson: Child relocation and repatriation amid a global pandemic

Amanda Masson explains the details of a recent high-profile family law case.

Published 16 June 2020

Allie McGowan: The impact of COVID-19 on the UK fintech sector

The UK is a world-leading fintech centre, with London often being labelled the global fintech capital. From a Scottish perspective, over the past couple of years both Edinburgh and Glasgow have been establishing themselves as fintech powerhouses. Allie McGowan looks below at some of the ways that COVID-19 is already impacting the UK fintech sector.

Published 16 June 2020

David Beveridge: Always be closing? Completing corporate deals during COVID-19

“Always be Closing” – the old mantra, made famous by Alec Baldwin’s speech in Glengarry Glen Ross has resonated in the corporate world in the 20 years since it was made.

Published 15 June 2020

Andrew Mackenzie: Arbitration – the flexible alternative to civil litigation

Arbitration is a commercial, cost-effective and confidential method of resolving disputes. However, with the COVID-19 lockdown impacting court business and creating a backlog of litigation work, arbitration’s flexibility might now be its most valuable attribute, writes Andrew Mackenzie.

Published 12 June 2020

Ximena Vengoechea: Why do we need juries?

Advocate Ximena Vengoechea examines the need for juries following a failed attempt to remove them from certain cases earlier this year.

Published 11 June 2020

Benjamin Bestgen: Lies, damn lies...

Having thought about truth, Benjamin Bestgen now considers lies. See his last jurisprudential primer here.

Published 10 June 2020

Rupa Mooker: Why is there so little BAME representation in the Scottish legal profession?

MacRoberts' director of HR Rupa Mooker challenges law firms to walk the walk, not just talk the talk on diverse recruitment.

Published 9 June 2020