Blog: Navigating the high seas of data protection

Daradjeet Jagpal gives a comprehensive overview of new data protection legislation.

Published 20 September 2017

Blog: Equal parental rights are an illusion

Reality needs to catch up with law when it comes to parental rights, says Amanda Masson.

Published 19 September 2017

Blog: New IP act promises clarity and certainty

David Gourlay gives SLN readers a rundown of the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017.

Published 18 September 2017

Blog: ECJ judgment confirms Ryanair’s employment disputes may be heard in foreign courts

Confusion reigned over last week’s ECJ ruling on the Ryanair jurisdiction case. We are pleased to clarify the issue with this analysis from Catherine O'Flynn and Jeffrey Greene of Dublin law firm William Fry.

Published 18 September 2017

Blog: Bărbulescu and workers' rights

Eric Gilligan discusses a recent case on workplace monitoring and the Prime Minister's threats to withdraw from the ECHR.

Published 11 September 2017

Blog: Strictly trademarked

Published 8 September 2017

Blog: Perfect storm looms for fraudulent claims

Vikki Melville takes a look at the problem of fraudulent conduct in civil cases and the shortcomings of the bill intended to remedy it.

Published 4 September 2017

Blog: Online Sales Bans – PING you’ve been fined!

David Flint looks at a case illustrating the fine line between necessary and unnecessary restrictions in the competition rules. 

Published 1 September 2017

Blog: The importance of being earnest

Amy McCalmont looks at a case reminding landlords and tenants to make their intentions explicit.

Published 1 September 2017

Blog: Johnson and Johnson ordered to pay $417 million in compensation

Michelle Adam contrasts punitive and compensatory PI regimes following an interesting case in the US involving huge sums in punitive damages.

Published 29 August 2017

Blog: Partial reprieve for social care providers over NMW underpayments

Despite a partial reprieve, employers in the social care sector must take swift action to comply with rules on paying workers appropriately for sleep-in shifts, writes Kate Wyatt. 

Published 28 August 2017

Blog: Two-court solution to ECJ problem a step in the right direction

Tobias Lock, senior lecturer in European law and co-director of the Europa Institute at Edinburgh Law School thinks the two-court solution the best for regulating dealings between the UK and EU after Brexit.

Published 25 August 2017

Blog: Talaq divorces and remedies in Scots law

Jamies Foulis looks at a judgment on summary divorce from India's Supreme Court and how Scots law would handle something similar.

Published 25 August 2017

Douglas Mill: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

I was 18 when I went to Auschwitz. My school chum Eamonn Kelly and I got a train to Warsaw and then down to Krakow. 1975 – height of the Cold War. Mad, I know. How we were allowed to go remains a mystery to me.

Published 16 August 2017