Blog: Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act – all change for landlords and tenants

Major changes to the tenancy laws in Scotland will give more security to tenants, but also produce hazards for landlords, write Lucy Harington and Louise McAlister.

Published 30 May 2016

Blog: How can we achieve cultural change within the banking sector?

Cat MacLean writes about barriers to justice and other difficulties in litigating against banks.

Published 27 May 2016

Blog: The Enterprise Act 2016

Published 27 May 2016

Blog: Head over heels

Kerry Norval writes about the recent controversy surrounding a woman who was sent home from work because of her footwear and asks whether existing provisions already give employees a right of redress.

Published 24 May 2016

Blog: Top tips for legal firms – 7 merger pitfalls to avoid

With further consolidation on the horizon, Greig Rowand provides tips for law firms on how to ensure a smooth merger.

Published 13 May 2016

Blog: A word of warning for solicitors seeking to appoint themselves as guardians

A recent decision by Sheriff Peter Braid in Edinburgh, in the case of Summary Application under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 by J, Solicitor in respect of the Adult F, will give practitioners food for thought when applying to have themselves appointed as financial guardian in respect of incapax adults, writes Cameron Shaw.

Published 12 May 2016

Blog: A partnership of equals? The government’s new anti-money laundering action plan

Ray Gribben examines the government's proposals for tackling money laundering in the wake of the Panama Papers.

Published 10 May 2016

Blog: Crofting Law and the new Scottish government

Brian Inkster discusses the implications of Holyrood's new make-up for crofting law, asking whether it is time crofting had a dedicated voice in the Parliament.

Published 9 May 2016

Blog: The additional dwelling supplement

Lindsay Darroch explains his reservations about the ADS.

Published 27 April 2016

Blog: You know nothing Jon Snow (...about change management)

As Game of Thrones Simon returns to our screens this weekend Simon Allison reflects on how Jon Snow could have avoided being stabbed repeatedly by his friends.

Published 22 April 2016

Blog: Pull a sickie at your peril

Published 19 April 2016

Blog: Child abuction cases are complex and harrowing

Court proceedings can be speedy but jurisdictional issues can be awkward, writes Marisa Cullen.

Published 18 April 2016