Jacqueline Cook: Build to rent – what you need to know

Jacqueline Cook explains the details of 'build to rent'.

Published 23 September 2019

Andrew Leslie: Additional red tape would add barrier to solving our national housing shortage

A BBC article published at the end of last month highlighted a recommendation made by lobbyist group Greenpeace to introduce a national agency to enforce building standards in Scotland. The organisation believes that a centralised compliance system is required to ensure building standards are met by builders. Greenpeace claims that in order to improve the efficiency of new homes and reduce carbon emissions, a higher degree of inspection and enforcement is required.

Published 19 September 2019

Greg MacDougall: Access to justice and the resolution of claims

Greg MacDougall reflects on access to justice and looks at the past, present and future of the resolution of claims in Scotland

Published 16 September 2019

Angela Grahame QC: Women continue to raise the bar

We have an old scrapbook of newspaper cuttings in the records of the Faculty of Advocates, the independent body of lawyers admitted to practise as advocates in Scottish courts. One, from 1919, about the possibility of the legal profession being opened to women, catches the eye. A representative of the Faculty pointed out that by statute every member must on admission become a member of the widows’ fund.

Published 13 September 2019

Bob Ruddiman: Energy industry must rise to new oil and gas challenges

In Aberdeen this week more than 36,000 global oil and gas professionals have gathered to debate, lecture, promote and celebrate the achievements of the energy industry at the biennial SPE Offshore Europe conference and exhibition.

Published 6 September 2019

Nicola Hogg: Consultation on financial redress for historical abuse explained

In October 2018 the Deputy First Minister John Swinney committed to establishing a financial redress scheme for survivors of historical child abuse in care in Scotland. This will require legislation to be passed by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish government has now launched a public consultation, the results of which will directly inform the legislation that will underpin the development of the redress scheme. It will run for 12 weeks, closing on 25 November 2019. Nicola Hogg explains the details of the consultation.

Published 5 September 2019

Nicola Hogg: Scottish government launches consultation on child trafficking guardians

The Scottish government has launched a consultation on implementing section 11 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015, which supports the introduction of independent child trafficking guardians. Child law expert Nicola Hogg explains the details. 

Published 3 September 2019

Fraser Mitchell: Time is of the essence for implementing infrastructure levy regulations

Fraser Mitchell explains the details of the infrastructure levy regulations in Scotland's new planning legislation.

Published 3 September 2019

Paul Craig: Prorogation – constitutional principle and law, fact and causation

Paul Craig, professor of English law at St John's College, Oxford and an authority on administrative and EU law, writes about important issues of constitutional principle and law raised by the prospect of prorogation as well as those concerning fact and causation.

Published 3 September 2019

SCOLAG: Whole life sentences are unnecessary and an affront to human dignity

The Scottish Legal Action Group (SCOLAG) sets out its views here on the Whole Life Custody (Scotland) Bill, proposed by Liam Kerr MSP.

Published 29 August 2019

Blog: Crowdfunding litigation in Scotland

Charles Livingstone and Douglas Waddell look at the recent phenomenon of crowdfunding litigation.

Published 29 August 2019

Jeremy Glen: Brexit’s detrimental effects on consumer rights and business

In the wake of a possible no-deal Brexit, the law surrounding consumerism could be subject to various vital changes, writes Jeremy Glen.

Published 26 August 2019

Dr Katarina Trimmings: The problem with surrogacy laws in the UK

What do Elton John, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian have in common, aside from being well-known names if you are a follower or fan of celebrity culture?

Published 22 August 2019

Elaine Motion: Brexiteers should remember that the law is the law

The ‘Brexit means Brexit’ refrain from those supporting the UK’s departure from the European Union has become rather well-worn – especially when those that state this are seemingly prepared to overlook a more important point: the law is the law, writes Elaine Motion.

Published 19 August 2019

Sarah Leslie: New rules for asset management firm managers – what you need to know

On 9 December 2019, the senior managers and certification regime (SMCR) will come into force for all Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-regulated asset management firms, replacing the old approved persons regime. Sarah Leslie tells practitioners what they need to know.

Published 16 August 2019