Rachel Henry: What is happening on court-imposable PPOs for Scotland?

The Damages (Investment Returns and Periodical Payments) (Scotland) Act 2019 received Royal Assent on 24 April 2019 but Part 2 of the act, which allows Scottish courts to impose a periodical payment order (PPO) for future pecuniary losses in a personal injury claim rather than to award damages as a lump sum has still not yet been brought into force.

Published 10 September 2021

Blog: Managing risk throughout the construction materials shortage

Eilidh Dobson and Iain Drummond comment on legal aspects of the ongoing materials shortage.

Published 10 September 2021

Niall Moran: The Northern Ireland Protocol and the limits to ‘creativity and flexibility’

Niall Moran examines the stalemate between the United Kingdom and the European Union on the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Published 10 September 2021

Valerie Armstrong-Surgenor: Our ‘cookie’ recipe to assist you with compliance

You visit a website; on the landing page, before you go any further, you are often asked to make decisions about ‘cookies’, quite often a slider to switch on or off. Some websites, however, don’t ask you to make any decisions and some do not even have a cookie policy. Does any of this all matter?

Published 9 September 2021

Tara Davison: Failure to appoint replacement contracts administrator leaves employer picking up the bill

Tara Davison considers whether a notice is valid when served on a party who is specified in the contract, but who no longer holds office and lacks authority to act.

Published 7 September 2021

Steven Smart: With highway code changes down the road, it’s still safety first message for cyclists

Greater use of bicycles is encouraged but cyclists, like all road users, have duties incumbent upon them to proceed safely, says Steven Smart.

Published 7 September 2021

Hamish Lean: Not every lease of land is an agricultural lease

When is an agricultural lease not an agricultural lease?

Published 6 September 2021

Roz Boynton: Is sub judice substandard?

In a criminal justice system where supporting victims is meant to be a priority, why are answers being hidden from those who need them most?

Published 6 September 2021

David J Black: Après la déluge – but not so much in Edinburgh

An interesting little conundrum for those with too much time on their hands. The flash floods in Edinburgh’s fashionable Stockbridge area earlier this year did significant damage to property, but thankfully, in contrast to similar events in Germany, no lives were lost. For this we may be grateful to a benign providence, or perhaps just pure luck, though we certainly shouldn’t be complacent. 

Published 6 September 2021

Andrew Bowen QC: Reflective loss and the Prudential rule

Andrew Bowen QC of Terra Firma Chambers examines the case law on reflective loss.

Published 3 September 2021

Jon Kiddie: Ben wur ain Inner House – Scots in Scots law

Advocate Jon Kiddie of Terra Firma Chambers explores the use of the Scots language in Scots law.

Published 2 September 2021

Lawyer of the Month: Stephen McGowan

Licensing law, Stephen McGowan acknowledges, can be “extremely difficult to fathom”. He speaks as an expert, being both the head of licensing (Scotland) at TLT and the author of three books on the subject – the latest of which, the recently published McGowan on Alcohol Licensing Law in Scotland, aims to demystify this area of law.

Published 1 September 2021

Alan Meek: Limited liability – not all it is cracked up to be, Pt II

Alan Meek, partner and head of Morton Fraser's restructuring and insolvency team, discusses the intricacies of limited liability.

Published 1 September 2021

Mark Lazarowicz: What the SNP-Green deal could mean for the natural environment

Advocate and former Labour MP Mark Lazarowicz examines the new SNP-Green deal and assess how radical an impact its commitments could have on the natural environment in Scotland.

Published 31 August 2021

Douglas Roberts: Staff ownership can drive Scottish economic recovery

Douglas Roberts, partner at Lindsays, discusses the economic benefits of employee-ownership in Scotland.

Published 30 August 2021