Blog: “So, how is life in banking?”

Trainee solicitor John Morgan (pictured) discusses his experiences in his banking seat.

Published 21 January 2015

Blog: To ISA or to pension – that is the question

In this blog Norman Dalgleish discusses strategies for saving and the benefits of the new pension rules.

Published 19 January 2015

Blog: Fraudulent misrepresentation in adjudicator nomination

Shona Frame (pictured) discusses the recent English case of Eurocom Ltd v Siemens and fraudulent misrepresentation in the appointment of of an adjudicator by a nominating body.

Published 15 January 2015

Blog: Inner House clarifies doubt over continuing powers of attorney

Stephen Wright (pictured) discusses the recent clarification by the Inner House, in a Special Case, of uncertainty surrounding the validity of a very large number of continuing powers of attorney.

Published 12 January 2015