Blog: Grandparents to be eligible to share parental leave

Alan Delaney of Maclay, Murray & Spens LLP (MMS) writes on recent announcements about parental leave for grandparents.

Published 8 October 2015

Blog: A way forward on sentencing, rehabilitation and imprisonment

With the Scottish government consulting on an extension of the presumption against short prison sentences, Dr Cyrus Tata looks at the reasons behind the appeal of imprisonment.

Published 6 October 2015

Blog: Law Firms beware of the Information Commissioner

Laura Irvine  writes on the importance of complying with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Published 5 October 2015

Blog: Well-meaning proposal to redress the grave wrongs of past abuse is fraught with pitfalls

Scottish government plans to remove the three-year limitation period for civil action in certain cases could be a slippery slope, writes Pamela Stevenson .

Published 30 September 2015

Blog: How can a company in liquidation make a claim for swap misselling?

Cat MacLean writes about a new scheme which aims to persuade Insolvency Practitioners to pursue claims for a company in liquidation or administration, against banks. 

Published 23 September 2015

Blog: Employment Tribunal fees – a new Scottish dimension

Brian Napier QC and Jonathan Mitchell QC  discuss the possible implications of the future abolition of Employment Tribunal fees in Scotland.

Published 10 September 2015

Blog: Overage or price top up arrangements - part one

Heather Nisbet discusses some basic contract elements for overage or price top up arrangements in property deals in the first half of her two-part blog which continues tomorrow.

Published 2 September 2015

Blog: Changes in UK Consumer Law

Dr. Julie Nixon, solicitor at MBM Commercial  writes about recent changes to UK consumer law.

Published 27 August 2015

Blog: Can you keep a secret?

A new EU directive is set to change the law around trade secrets, Megan Briggs explains.

Published 19 August 2015

Blog: lessons to be learned from social media misconduct case

Following the decision of the EAT in Scotland's first social media misconduct case, Lorna Davis discusses the guidelines that can be drawn from the emerging caselaw.

Published 5 August 2015

Blog: ‘Generation rent’ is an opportunity for Scotland

Last week’s media coverage of rising house costs and predictions of a growing private rental sector has again brought the issue of Scotland’s housing needs into focus. But while public perception traditionally favours home ownership, a stronger private rental sector will benefit all of Scotland’s residents, writes Heather Pearson.

Published 29 July 2015

Blog: the myriad claims arising from two buses colliding

David Armstrong discusses the claims arising from accidents involving buses and how technology might be used to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Published 24 July 2015

Blog: Licensing law must move with the times to regulate taxi booking apps

Michael McDougall  says licensing law must keep pace with developments in the provision of taxi services.

Published 22 July 2015

Blog: Managing Your Millennials: A User’s Guide

The next generation of workers will work very differently, writes Simon Allison.

Published 17 July 2015