Blog: Because you might be innocent, your conviction must stand

Professor James Chalmers discusses the curious case of RR v HM Advocate  HCJAC 34, summarised here.

Published 15 April 2015

Blog: combating cyber crime

It’s a sad fact that as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, so do the techniques employed by criminals to commit fraudulent activity. Here, Paul McCluskey, head of professional practices at Bank of Scotland, examines different methods employed by fraudsters, and how best to combat them.

Published 1 April 2015

Blog: Judicial review – all change in Scotland

Darina Kerr (pictured) discusses impending changes to the operation of judicial review in Scotland.

Published 20 March 2015

Blog: Women under-represented at senior levels despite more entering the profession

Following SLN’s news on the increasing number of women entering the legal profession Audrey Dishington (pictured) discusses female representation at Pagan Osborne.

Published 17 March 2015

Blog: Ssssssh… What’s the Secret to Privacy?

Fiona McAllister (pictured) discusses privacy rights six months after the creation of IPSO.

Published 9 March 2015

ICAS responds to MIke Dailly’s blog on the insolvency industry

David Menzies (pictured) responds to allegations that the insolvency profession in Scotland preys on the vulnerable.

Published 5 March 2015

Blog: Digital legacy after death – estate planning in the modern age

Catherine Guthrie (pictured) discusses the need to account for digital assets when making a will.

Published 25 February 2015

Blog: Insolvency – an industry that works for itself?

Mike Dailly offers the view that the insolvency industry in Scotland often preys on the misery of the vulnerable.

Published 24 February 2015

Blog: Selling votes – the future of corporate governance?

Ben Bestgen (pictured) discusses the idea of separating share-ownership and the right to vote attaching to shares as well as the advantages and disadvantages of such a system.

Published 20 February 2015

Blog: the right ingredients for success

Rona Dennison discusses brand development and protection in Scotland’s food and drink sector.

Published 16 February 2015

Blog: Religion is not the answer for legal needs

Michael Sheridan discusses the use of the Bible as a source of law in our system.

Published 12 February 2015

Blog: Land reform – a balance of interest

As consultations on land reform draw to an end Robert Scott-Dempster (pictured) discusses how any new measures must comply with the ECHR.

Published 10 February 2015

Blog: Woolworths – A Sigh Of Relief For Employers?

David Morgan (pictured) discusses the ECJ’s interpretation of “establishment” in respect of collective redundancy in a case involving defunct retailer Woolworths.

Published 9 February 2015

Blog: Scotland the wild

Simon Boyle outlines an argument against developing more wind farms in the Highlands.

Published 4 February 2015

Blog: Twitter use can leave firms a-flutter

Alan Delaney (pictured) discusses the importance of clear social media guidelines for employees following a recent EAT decision.

Published 26 January 2015