Anna Reilly: My experience as a (virtual) trainee secondee

While many started their traineeships during the pandemic, Anna Reilly was also seconded during it.

Published 13 April 2021

Tony Lenehan: Abolishing Scotland’s ‘not proven’ verdict would erode trust in juries

With great power comes great responsibility.

Published 12 April 2021

Amanda Jack: How can you help to close the gender pension gap?

We have all heard of the gender pay gap but less is said of the gender pension gap: the difference in the retirement income of men and women, writes Amanda Jack.

Published 12 April 2021

Kate McLeish: Relinquishment and assignation of 1991 Act tenancies

The Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC) has published a guide to Relinquishment and Assignation (R&A). Kate McLeish explains the details.

Published 8 April 2021

Jae Fassam: ESG can guide economic prosperity

Jae Fassam, partner at law firm CMS, discusses the increasing role of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) in Scottish businesses.

Published 8 April 2021

Stefanie Glassford: Oral proceedings by video conference at the EPO – part two

Stefanie Glassford follows up on her original post detailing the altered approach that the European Patent Office (EPO) has taken with respect to oral proceedings being held by video conferencing.

Published 7 April 2021

Benjamin Bestgen: Clothes maketh people

"Travelling with an enormous piece of luggage only seems like a contradiction in terms to those who feel properly dressed for every occasion in T-shirt, jeans, and trainers," writes Bernhard Roetzel. But have times changed and should smart casual or something worse prevail? We hope not. Benjamin Bestgen takes up the topic of clothes this week. See last week's jurisprudential primer here.

Published 7 April 2021

Session Cases At 200: Title and interest to the top spot

A case of constitutional importance, AXA General Insurance Co Ltd v Lord Advocate 2012 SC(UKSC) 122 is Sheriff K J Campbell's favourite entry in Session Cases, whose bicentenary we celebrate this year. Nominate your favourite cases here.

Published 1 April 2021

Dr Sandra Duffy: Latest English court ruling on puberty blockers is step forward

Dr Sandra Duffy comments on the High Court's ruling in AB v Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, the first case funded by the Good Law Project's Trans Defence Fund.

Published 31 March 2021

Benjamin Bestgen: Women and safety from violence

Benjamin Bestgen this week discusses violence against women. See his last primer here.

Published 31 March 2021

Stephen Miller: Employee fall out cases prompt re-think for employers

Stephen Miller looks at the fallout that follows an employee fall out and the social changes half a century of Employment Tribunal judgments reflect.

Published 30 March 2021

Tom Quail: Change to cohabitation laws on the horizon

In 2006, the law in Scotland changed to provide a greater level of protection to unmarried, cohabiting couples. The new legislation was welcomed and seen as a positive step forward by many; 15 years on, there is a great deal of debate around whether the law is still fit for purpose, writes Tom Quail.

Published 30 March 2021

Vicky Crichton: Covid challenges are not leading to complaints

Vicky Crichton, director of public policy at the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, notes that the disruption caused by the pandemic has not resulted in a spike in complaints.

Published 30 March 2021

Sarah Lilley: The ins and outs of family court cases over video call

Sarah Lilley reflects on her crash course in online lawyering precipitated by the first lockdown last March.

Published 29 March 2021

SLN Interview: A modernising Lord Lyon

Baktosch Gillan interviews the current Lord Lyon, Dr Joe Morrow, about the role of his ancient office in 21st century Scotland.

Published 26 March 2021