Man wrongly convicted of rape entitled to claim compensation as Inner House refuses Scottish Ministers’ appeal

A man who was wrongly convicted of rape is entitled to claim compensation after judges dismissed an appeal by the Scottish Ministers against a ruling that their decision to refuse his application was “unlawful”.

Published 21 January 2015

And finally… small claims

A five-year-old has been handed an invoice and his parents threatened with court action - for missing his friend's birthday party.

Published 20 January 2015

Conservative draft bill of rights ‘grounded in parochial disputes’

A draft bill drawn up by Conservative lawyers would see terrorist suspects, illegal immigrants and criminals barred from exercising some of their human rights

Published 20 January 2015

Faculty to host seminar on state aid from a Scottish perspective

It will be a notable first when the Faculty of Advocates hosts a seminar examining state aid law from a Scottish viewpoint.

Published 20 January 2015

Scotland hosts first same-sex pagan marriage

Scotland, the only legal jurisdiction in the UK to allow pagans to marry, has had its first same-sex pagan marriage as two male witches tied the knot in Edinburgh.

Published 20 January 2015

Agreement reached on terms for devolution of voting power for 16 and 17 year olds

The first minister Nicola Sturgeon (pictured) has confirmed that agreement has been reached with the UK government on the terms of the transfer of powers to allow the Scottish parliament to give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in Scottish parliament elections.

Published 20 January 2015

Dundee legal academic appointed to personal chair

Stuart Cross (pictured) has been appointed to a personal chair at the University of Dundee.

Published 20 January 2015

Sheriff Principal Stephen appointed as Queen’s Counsel

Sheriff Principal Mhairi Stephen (pictured) has been appointed as Queen’s Counsel by Her Majesty the Queen on the recommendation of former first minister Alex Salmond.

Published 20 January 2015

New drink drive limit having adverse impact on licensed trade

The new drink drive limit imposed in December will have a greater impact on the future of pubs than the smoking ban did nearly a decade ago according to industry experts.

Published 20 January 2015

Health boards facing 1,500 legal claims

New figures have shown that health boards are straining to work through over 1,500 legal claims, some worth up to £5 million.

Published 20 January 2015

And finally… you can’t post that

A man has admitted to attempting to procreate with a postbox after he was spotted in a shopping centre in Wigan.

Published 19 January 2015

Local pupils to debate immigration controls in Law Society tournament

Pupils from schools across Scotland are getting ready to debate the pros and cons of immigration controls in the second round of the Law Society of Scotland’s national debating tournament.

Published 19 January 2015

England: New CPS guidelines to change how courts treat victims and witnesses

New guidelines put out to consultation today by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will radically change how victims and witnesses are treated in the courts.

Published 19 January 2015