Personal Injury Conference – The Scots Law Autumn Series – 25 October – 6hrs' CPD

This year’s online Personal Injury Conference will have a thoroughly practical focus.

The impact of the pandemic is likely to have a lasting effect on personal injury practice but developments have also been taking place outwith the response to Covid-19. With a dual focus, this new conference will not only consider how the courts and the profession have responded to change but will also look at those other key developments.

Chaired by Iain Nicol of Lefevres, our speaking panel will include:

  • Kim Leslie, Digby Brown
  • Andrew Tolmie, Clyde & Co
  • David Swanney, Compass Chambers
  • David Hamilton, Hamilton Mullan
  • Emma Vail, Tania Brown Limited
  • Dr Rayner Lazaro, GP
  • Chris Miller, Themis Advocates

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The Personal Injury Conference forms part of the Scots Law Autumn Series – for details of each of the individual conferences forming part of the Series, click here.