Professional Support Lawyer – Burness Paull LLP

Minimum of 21 hours per week, flexible on working pattern

Banking & Funds

Edinburgh or Glasgow

General Counsel Partner

Working as a senior and experienced PSL in the Banking & Funds division, this role will be responsible for all knowledge management aspects of banking law.

The role will encompass all training needs, principally arranging and, where appropriate, leading training at trainee, junior assistant and full division level; ensuring that the lawyers are kept up to date with all relevant legal developments; undertaking bespoke research tasks for transactional and non-transaction matters and drafting and maintaining the precedents required by the division.

The role will also involve some firm-wide training of the trainees as part of our PEAT 2 programme. As a member of the PSL team, the role will also involve working with the other PSLs in the firm to ensure sharing of information as required by other divisions, as well as consistency of knowledge and excellence throughout the firm.

The PSL should be perceived as a valuable resource providing technical excellence in all knowledge management aspects of banking law. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Precedents, Styles & Documents

  • Produce, update and maintain precedents, client advice notes and guidance notes relevant to the Banking team for the firm’s knowledge management system (Kman).
  • Ensure that the Banking Kman section is structured and managed in an appropriate and helpful way for fee earners to access the information and that all documents comply with the firm’s house style.

Know How

  • Capture relevant know-how from the fee earners, and share with the rest of the team and firm, as appropriate, including drafting into Kman documents or dissemination in training.
  • Encourage and facilitate the sharing of Know-how throughout the Banking team.

The Hub

  • Be responsible for developing the knowledge management aspects of the Banking page of The Hub, the firm’s intranet.

Legal Knowledge and Training

  • Create, implement and supervise the Banking team’s internal training programmes, including division wide-training, training for junior assistants and training for trainees. This will involve identifying training needs, delivering sessions personally and co-ordinating speakers for other sessions.
  • Ensure that the Banking team members are kept fully up-to-date with all relevant developments in the law. The role will be to act as a filter of the various sources of law, bringing to the attention of team members key developments and collating these in a format which will thereafter be readily accessible.
  • Deliver information to the Banking team with added value/analysis of its relevance to their practice.
  • Provision of assistance and guidance to fee earners for high level technical queries.
  • Working with the library coordinator, ensure that the library budget is spent on the most relevant and helpful resources for the division.
  • Identify any appropriate external training courses for fee-earners, managing the division’s budget for such courses and providing the authorisation for members of the division to attend.
  • Co-ordinate and organise the Corporate department’s annual training event’s schedule of training and activities, in conjunction with the other PSLs in the department.
  • Input into Scots law reform on relevant topics and where it is in the firm’s interest to do so (such as Scots Law Commission proposals).
  • Write or contribute to blogs and other articles as may be required from time to time

PSL Team

  • Attend and participate in regular meetings with the PSL team to discuss and implement current initiatives and support the firm-wide knowledge management needs.
  • Work collaboratively with the PSLs in other divisions to ensure the sharing of relevant legal knowledge cross-divisions, provide training to other divisions in banking matters (as required), ensure consistency of knowledge and systems and promote a knowledge management culture of excellence throughout the firm.
  • Assist with the preparation and delivery of certain sessions under the firm’s PEAT 2 training licence for trainees.
  • Assist with the preparation and delivery of training events for key clients.
  • Engage with banking PSLs in other firms with a view to sharing knowledge and agreeing standard protocols with other firms.

Staff Relationships

  • Build and maintain a good relationship with colleagues throughout the firm, but most particularly those in the Banking & Funds division and the PSL team.
  • Ask for help and advice where appropriate.
  • Encourage colleagues to ask for help and advice where appropriate.
  • Comply with the firm’s health & safety policy at all times, taking on board as an employee your duty of care in the work place.

This job specification is written as an indication of the nature and scope of duties and responsibilities. It is not intended as a fully descriptive or definitive list and job holders will be expected to carry out other duties assigned which are appropriate to the position. The duties as described may be altered as necessary by the firm.

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