Jodi Gordon: The courts are getting there virtually

Jodi Gordon, partner at Road Traffic Accident Law (Scotland) LLP, comments on the development of remote hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Published 25 January 2021

Dr Anne Sammon: Can UK employers require staff to be vaccinated?

Whether UK employers require staff to be vaccinated is a question that has been doing the rounds since the Pfizer vaccine became available. My experience is that clients start the discussion thinking that they might want to mandate, or very actively encourage employees to be vaccinated, but having had legal advice tend to back-track and decide that actually they will probably remain agnostic.

Published 22 January 2021

Seven staff at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court self-isolate

Seven members of staff at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court are self-isolating after testing positive for Covid-19.

Published 24 December 2020

China: Lawyer detained for exposing scale of coronavirus given feeding tube

A former lawyer detained for more than six months because she reported on the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan has been given a feeding tube so she can be force-fed after going on a hunger strike.

Published 11 December 2020

London logjam brings justice to a standstill

Nearly a quarter of a million people are waiting for their court cases to be heard in London, new figures show.

Published 7 December 2020

Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill introduced at Holyrood

A new bill to allow arrangements to be put in place for the Scottish general election in response to Covid-19 has been introduced at Holyrood.

Published 17 November 2020

Lord President’s guidance aims to help tackle court backlog

The Lord Justice General, Lord Carloway has issued a practice note aimed at reducing the current summary case backlog, whilst ensuring physical distancing, in the sheriff courts.

Published 12 November 2020

Tony Lenehan: Justice will survive Covid-19 intact

Justice will survive the Covid-19 pandemic, Tony Lenehan writes.

Published 9 November 2020

Lord Hodge: Profession must act to avoid ‘lasting detriment’ for young lawyers

The legal profession must act to ensure there is no "lasting detriment" to young lawyers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic striking early in their careers, the deputy president of the UK Supreme Court has said.

Published 9 November 2020

Lord Sumption says UK government’s handling of pandemic augurs authoritarianism

The actions of the UK government during the coronavirus emergency this year bear the hallmarks of authoritarianism, Lord Sumption has warned.

Published 28 October 2020

Covid-19: Judicial review sought over UK government’s failure to disclose details of £3bn worth of contracts

The UK government is being sued over its failure to disclose details of over £3 billion worth of Covid-19 contracts that it has awarded to private companies.

Published 12 October 2020

Responses sought on constitutional issues raised by pandemic

The House of Lords Constitution Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the constitutional issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is exploring the impact of the pandemic on: 

Published 12 October 2020

Covid: Lack of legal certainty is now endemic

Niall McCluskey and Christian McNeill take a critical look at the latest coronavirus rules.

Published 8 October 2020

Sheriff Court jury trials to resume in remote jury centres

Sheriff Court jury trials delayed as a result of Covid-19 are set to resume in remote jury centres across Scotland following new government funding.

Published 2 October 2020

Emergency measures during Covid-19 crisis may ‘shape future of criminal justice system’

Some emergency measures in the criminal justice system, including the use of electronic signatures and electronic transmission of documents, should continue after the Covid-19 crisis, inspectors have said.

Published 2 October 2020