Kelly Hardman: Right to work – right to change policy now?

A revision to the UK government’s right to work policy framework is bemusing some businesses – primarily because it may be seen to override some of the safety principles behind the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, says Kelly Hardman.

Published 4 May 2021

Evening Employment Tribunal sittings could be introduced

The Employment Tribunal office in Glasgow may introduce evening sittings to deal with the high volume of cases.

Published 24 February 2020

Douglas Strang: Can an employee withdraw their resignation?

When is a resignation not a resignation? Douglas Strang looks at a recent case that serves as a cautionary tale for employers.

Published 11 February 2020

Advocate John Halley withdraws employment claim against Lady Smith

Advocate John Halley has abandoned his Employment Tribunal claim against Lady Smith, STV News reports.

Published 13 December 2019

LAW records sharp rise in employment claims following abolition of fees

Employment law, HR and health & safety specialist, Law At Work (LAW), has recorded a sharp increase in employment claims since fees were abolished in July 2017.

Published 10 June 2019

Blog: Age of change in the workplace

As employment tribunal claim numbers rise across the UK, Natasha Meikle and Claire McKee look at the biggest issue on the topic of age discrimination facing the courts (not to mention public sector employers and their employees) in 2019.

Published 9 April 2019