Democracy under threat from ‘pandemic of misinformation’ online

The UK government should act immediately to deal with a "pandemic of misinformation" that poses an existential threat to our democracy and way of life, according to a report of the Lords' Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies.

Published 29 June 2020

Advocate General Øe: Personal data transfers under standard contractual clauses are valid

Personal data transfers from the European Union to third countries under the standard contractual clauses established by the European Commission are valid, according to an Advocate General of the European Court of Justice.

Published 20 December 2019

CMA report expresses concern over market position of Google and Facebook

A lack of real competition to tech giants Google and Facebook could mean people are already missing out on the next new idea from a potential rival, the Competition and Markets Authority has said in a new report.

Published 20 December 2019

Facebook agrees to pay £500,000 fine in connection with Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook has reached an agreement with the Information Commissioner's Office to pay a £500,000 fine in connection with the Cambridge Analytica scandal with no admission of liability.

Published 30 October 2019

CJEU: EU law does not prevent member states from ordering removal of illegal comments

EU law does not preclude a host provider such as Facebook from being ordered to remove identical and, in certain circumstances, equivalent comments previously declared to be illegal nor does it preclude such an injunction from producing effects worldwide – within the framework of the relevant international law which it is for member states to take into account – the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled.

Published 3 October 2019

Facebook ordered to pay unprecedented $5bn fine

Facebook has been ordered to pay a record-breaking $5 billion penalty by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for privacy violations following an investigation into its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Published 25 July 2019

Advocate General Szpunar: Facebook must identify all copies of comments found to be defamatory

According to Advocate General Szpunar, Facebook can be ordered to seek and identify all comments identical to a defamatory comment that has been found to be illegal, and equivalent comments in so far as the latter originate from the same user. In the present case, the EU law relied on does not regulate the question whether Facebook can be ordered to delete the comments at issue worldwide.

Published 5 June 2019

Secure Facebook contact approved by sheriff

In what is considered to be a first, a sheriff has ordered indirect contact between a birth mother and her daughter to take place via a Facebook group.

Published 1 March 2019