Gordon MacLure: HMRC preferential creditor status restored

Gordon MacLure details the steps businesses can take now to get some breathing space as the HMRC's preferential creditor status has now been restored.

Published 5 August 2020

Secret HMRC team targets inheritance tax avoidance

HMRC is homing in on inheritance tax avoidance by wealthy families through the creation of a secret unit which will investigate the ways in which investment companies are used to reduce bills.

Published 25 February 2020

Michael Thomson: The self-crowning creditor?

Earlier this year the UK government consulted on crowning HMRC with a promoted ranking in the insolvency of corporates and individuals. This month, it has published the draft 2019-2020 Finance Bill containing the legislative provisions that will bring this coronation into law. Michael Thomson explains the details.

Published 1 August 2019

£1m clawed back from illicit puppy trade

More than £1 million has been clawed back from fraudsters selling puppies on the black market in Scotland.

Published 7 May 2019

Lorraine Kelly wins £1.2m income tax case against HMRC

The personal service company of broadcaster Lorraine Kelly has won a First-Tier Tribunal appeal against a £1.2m demand from HMRC for unpaid income tax and National Insurance Contributions after a judge accepted that there was a contract for services between her and ITV – partly on the basis she appears on television not as herself but as a persona of herself.

Published 21 March 2019