Lord Advocate

Dorothy Bain QC recuses herself from Rangers litigation

The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain QC has recused herself from further involvement in the Rangers litigation.

Published 20 July 2021

McArthur presses FM over splitting Lord Advocate role

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have pressed the First Minister over the proposed splitting of the Lord Advocate's role.

Published 28 May 2021

SNP pledges to consult on dividing Lord Advocate’s dual roles

The SNP has promised to consult on splitting the dual role of the Lord Advocate if returned to power after next month's election.

Published 19 April 2021

Proposal to use terrorism laws during pandemic revealed by Scottish government in bungled disclosure

The Lord Advocate suggested using terrorism legislation to deal with the pandemic, the Scottish government has inadvertently revealed due to improperly redacting his comments in material released following a freedom of information request.

Published 20 January 2021

Malicious prosecution: Whitehouse and Clark reportedly paid £21m – plus £3m in legal expenses

The administrators of Rangers FC who were maliciously prosecuted have been paid more than £20 million, The National reports.

Published 19 January 2021

Opinion: Alistair Bonnington on Scotland’s malicious prosecution shame

An astonishing admission was made by Scotand's Lord Advocate in the Court of Session at the end of August. He conceded that his predecessor's 2012 prosecution of the two men called in as administrators of Rangers Football Club was malicious. This is a shameful milestone in the legal history of this nation.For as long as anyone can remember, every Scots law student was taught that there never has been, nor ever will be, a successful application to have a Scottish prosecution declared to be malicious. That's because the test to prove malice is, in law, impossibly high; and in any event, those who hold the ancient Scots office of Lord Advocate would never misuse their constitutional power in that way.

Published 22 October 2020

Kenny MacAskill calls for office of Lord Advocate to be divided

Former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has called for the office of Lord Advocate to be divided.

Published 30 April 2020

Case of lawyer suing Lord Advocate for £1.3m to be heard in Court of Session

A lawyer who says she suffered “psychiatric injury” while working at the Crown Office is to have her £1.3 million damages claim against the Lord Advocate heard at the Court of Session.

Published 10 February 2020