rule of law

Neil Beynon: Remedies, Contract and Delict

In his second paper 'talk' prepared during lockdown – Remedies, Contract and Delict – Terra Firma's Neil Beynon offers some suggestions for returning to practice in a way that enables the legal system to function properly and fully so as to enable the rule of law to flourish.

Published 19 June 2020

US-UK agreement allows enforcement agencies to bypass law

The UK and the US have signed a bilateral agreement allowing their respective law enforcement agencies to directly demand electronic data relating to serious crime from tech companies in the other jurisdiction.

Published 7 October 2019

Professor R. Daniel Kelemen: New leaders and old problems – Brexit and the rule of law crisis

Professor R. Daniel Kelemen, professor of political science and law and Jean Monnet chair in European Union politics at Rutgers University, writes on the change of leadership in the UK and the EU.

Published 31 July 2019