Letter: The apparel oft proclaims the woman

Dear Editor,

Published 4 March 2020

Wigs and gowns out of fashion at Glasgow Sheriff Court

Sheriffs, summary sheriffs and lawyers at Glasgow Sheriff Court are to stop routinely wearing wigs and gowns in civil proceedings.

Published 26 February 2020

Mixed response to survey on abolition of court dress

Law students are the single group most in favour of abolishing court dress entirely, according to a survey conducted by the Scottish Young Lawyers' Association (SYLA).

Published 5 December 2019

Scots lawyers massively in favour of retaining wigs and gowns

A survey conducted by Scottish Legal News has found that a majority of lawyers favour the use of court dress after a practice note from the Lord President this week precipitated a debate on the wearing of wigs and robes/gowns.

Published 6 November 2019

Decision to dispense with judicial garb comes in for criticism

Judges are to dispense with wigs and robes in a decision that has been criticised as unwise given Scotland's "past-oriented, uncodified, system of law".

Published 4 November 2019